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In the areas of SAP maintenance and support, 3V provides an innovative program called the Trusted Enterprise Support (TES). As companies try to evaluate what, when, and how to transform their business, they still must continue to maintain their current systems until ready to migrate, which may be months to years. The question becomes how much to spend today for enhancements and innovations on legacy technologies vs. investing in digitally transformative technologies for a greater business impact.

At its core, TES minimizes the customer’s maintenance / support costs which enables a better use of funds for supporting current systems and saving for future technology investments. The TES level of maintenance is certified with SAP on the backend, so it’s not like Rimini Street or Spinnaker where maintenance is direct with a third-party provider. TES allows the customer to better prepare for a migration to S/4HANA while considering all options.

In a review of the 3V SAP Trusted Enterprise Support (TES) offering, Mark Bartrick, Principal Consultant, Software Cost Optimization and Contract Negotiation Advisor with Forrester Research, stated that “3V Solutions has created an innovative and unique model in the market to providing customer value. The TES program should be an interest to any SAP customer looking to gain better value out of their annual maintenance spend. By taking dollars you would have normally sunk into SAP maintenance, 3V provides an alternative approach including a significant percentage rebate that SAP customers can use to fund other value-added services or additional SAP solutions. As an alternative to 3rd party maintenance offerings, 3V’s TES program is an intriguing proposition for SAP customers that want to stay connected with SAP yet want to free up Opex to fund other projects.”


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