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3V is working with smart city startups in their utilization of technology to make daily life more sustainable, efficient, transparent and intelligent. Smart cities depend on smart technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), AI/ML, advanced apps, and the application of geographical information systems (or GIS software) to contextualize massive amounts of collected big data.

Sensors inform the smart city infrastructure; IoT syncs together remote systems and devices; and GIS unifies spatial information with relevant data so that users can monitor and perform analytics from a single system. Accordingly, organizations and businesses of all types and all industries turn to these technologies to increase efficiency and workflow.

3V provides SAP HANA as the singular database, ideal for the development and maintenance of smart cities since GIS tools inform smart city creators and planners at every stage of planning, from modeling to development to management. SAP HANA also serves as the primary database platform for cloud-based S/4HANA, the digital core for the smart city operations. For more information email info@3VSolutions.com.

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