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Streamline your warehouse
operations through
SAP Extended Warehouse

Manage high-volume warehouse operations with
SAP Extended Warehouse Management

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

What is SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) ?

SAP Extended Warehouse Management – a advanced, intelligent system that integrates supply chain logistics and enables companies to manage complex and high-volume warehouse operations easily.

SAP EWM assures streamlining location management and material handling operations with predefined business process integration. With decades of industry experience in implementation, and 3rd party integrations to increase business volume and profitability, we can support you with a rapid and smooth transformation into SAP EWM, letting you focus on key business objectives and provide value-added services for customers. With our global delivery center, we can reduce the implementation cost up to 35% as well as provide you with 24/7 support with a cost-effective support model. Customers are achieving a 48% lower customer order cycle time.

  • Reduce warehouse management cost by improving workforce productivity and automate processes for full control of warehouse operations
  • Reduce days in inventory by providing real-time visibility into inventory positions
  • Alternative-based confirmation analysis: Alternative-based confirmation analysis of products based on confirmed warehouse tasks
  • Synchronous stock postings: Warehouse monitor enhancements
  • Synchronous stock postings: inventory management
  • Item unique identification (IUID): Item unique identification (IUID) enabled
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