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You need to develop new business models to avoid disruption in your industry

“While most executives claim to be familiar with next-generation technologies, only 10% of companies have a digital business model in place to fully use the opportunities.”

ESCP Business School, Berlin
and MIT Sloan Center for Information Research

You must drive new efficiencies to reinvest into your growth

“Core enterprise operations still take considerable resources and time… between 20 and 40% of total operational expenditure.”


You have to modernize your mission-critical systems without business risk

“The expected financial impact of downtime from IT is about 8% of enterprise revenue for Fortune 1000 enterprises. The biggest downtime exposure is from mission critical systems.”


3V collaborates with SAP to provide the right SAP Cloud solution for your requirements.

SAP RISE Solutions

What is RISE with SAP?

The solution to become an intelligent,
sustainable enterprise in the cloud

It is a comprehensive solution with:

– Cloud ERP for every business need

– Industry next practices and extensibility

– Analytics and business process intelligence

– Outcome-driven services from SAP and partners

The RISE with SAP Solution Includes:

Cloud ERP – SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Gain cloud economics and the fastest time-to-value with a world-class, modern SAP S/4HANA Cloud. Benefit from best practices across industries and Lines of Business, evolve towards an intelligent, and sustainable enterprise. Choose between a private SAP cloud or a public SAP cloud. 3V can provide an assessment for your best path forward. Email us at info@3VSolutions.com.

Business Process Intelligence

Discovery reports to gain insights into process performance and the ability to pinpoint where and how to best use advanced analytics, AI, machine learning, IoT and robotic process automation to improve how you operate.

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Business Transformation Platform (SAP BTP) is our foundation platform. It will enable you to easily extend and integrate with any other SAP or third-party solution, using the same data model and business services as SAP applications and allowing for new insights and value from business data. See below for more information.

Partner Managed Cloud Solutions (PMC)

3V is a Partner Managed Cloud provider of licensed solutions from SAP and offers fully managed, integrated cloud services, including proven SAP solutions enriched with its own IP to manage critical business process outsourcing for its customers.

SAP provides support services and tools to 3V to ensure its partner managed cloud for SAP solutions runs smoothly. Certification and qualification requirements ensure that the 3VPMC is qualified and enabled to provide support to you.

Customers can start small with as little as eight users in a three-year subscription to begin their PMC journey. This enables even the smallest companies to run SAP S/4HANA in a very efficient and timely manner.

Business Technology Platform (BTP) – Putting it all together

SAP BTP is a classic cloud platform. It is a proven technology that is elastic, so it can scale. Think of it as a set of cloud services for development and integration, data and analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI), all hosted and managed by SAP. These services are accessible to customers and are built specifically for developing on and connecting to SAP solutions and technologies. So, if you’re an SAP customer interested in building a new software solution, connecting an existing app to SAP technologies, or building supporting content for SAP solutions, SAP BTP brings together everything you need in one unified environment, helping unlock outcomes.

What Makes SAP BTP Unique?

If you are already engaged in SAP technology and the ecosystem, or plan to be, there are many areas of strength that elevate SAP BTP compared to other cloud platforms.

Business Process Context

While other cloud platforms put data at the center, SAP BTP adds context to the data that’s anchored in business processes. The SAP line-of-business solutions drive enterprise processes around the world, processes that extend into the unique aspects of supporting different industries and local governance, from tax and labor laws to safety and environmental regulations. That knowledge gives SAP BTP an advantage in connecting enterprise data and processes, resulting in real-time business context and creating a single version of the truth that is rooted in how the business runs.

Native Connections

With SAP BTP, it is not only a platform that puts business processes at the center, but it is also about a platform that provides application development, integration, data, analytics, and AI capabilities that are native to the SAP application stack. So, when you’re building on or integrating with SAP BTP you can be confident you’re using services and technologies optimized to work together and simplify the process. Customers working with SAP BTP identify this as a key value.

SAP BTP Cloud Services

3V sells and supports SAP Digital Transformation Cloud solutions for most all SAP solutions that include SuccessFactors, C4C, Ariba, Analytics, Business by Design and S/4HANA.

For small to medium businesses 3V provides SAP Business By Design (ByD), a cloud-based ERP model for many industries. For larger companies, 3V provides SAP Rise and Partner Managed Clouds for SAP S/4HANA and other integrated solutions. Email us at info@3VSolutions.com for more information.

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