Digital Transformation Advisory

How to go about the Digital Transformation (DT) journey can get extremely complex. At 3V we provide a Digital Transformation Advisory Group, with the mission to define and simplify the transformation process. We do not advocate implementing “cool” technologies unless they provide warranted business benefits and results.

3V offers services and assessments to evaluate the maturity level, usage level and deep technical aspects of a digital transformation project. Our methodology enables a structured approach for technology adoption and optimal business change. The business value and strategic gaps are identified for each level of transformation beginning with the current as-is system to HANA to S/4HANA.

A Comprehensive Transformation Roadmap Ensures Your Success!

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Digital Transformation Advisory

Why Clients Choose Us For Digital Transformation

  • World class transformation assessments to ensure maximum business transformation returns while minimizing risk
  • Ability to optimize current system investments
  • Ability to integrate open technology development tools with other systems
  • Agile development and project methodologies for engagements
  • Award winning (Fiori) development solutions and applications
  • SAP Cloud Platform app development and execution
  • Collaborative and communicative approach model with clients
  • Cross-functional team of 350+ experts based in North America, Europe & Asia
  • Proven track record with HANA
  • Shorter development/implementation times translating to lower costs
  • Thorough quality assurance (QA) testing before “Go Live” events
  • Unparalleled open technology expertise and experience