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Over 90% of businesses are already using cloud technology in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment.

Choosing your Path to the Cloud

Perform a Cloud Readiness Assessment

A review of potentially affected areas of operations is a MUST when an organization makes the decision to move to the Cloud. These include Development, Finance and Planning,Governance, Security, Talent Acquisition, and Support among others. There are different levels of maturity within these various operational groups and an assessment is required to determine if the right people, processes and technologies are in place before moving to the Cloud.

Our Cloud assessment is a collaborative working session designed to:

– Build the Business Case for moving to the Cloud
– Analyze the current IT infrastructure and network landscape
– Determine the overall readiness of the organization to begin migrating to the Cloud
– Document a long termplan for future scalability and innovation using a hyperscaler Cloud infrastructure (Azure, AWS, or Google)
– Provide an estimated budget for the Cloud solutions along with a ROI

Perform a Comprehensive Migration Plan

As part of the assessment 3V can help deliver a detail migration plan. 3V engineers willanswer many common questions about the Cloud. These include:

– How would my company benefit from a hyperscaler services?
– Which workloads could be moved, why they would be moved, and for what benefit?
– How can I integrate my current infrastructure with the cloud?
– How does my current IT depreciation schedule fit into this decision, and how can I maximize TCO using hyperscaler cloud services?
– How will the related SLAs (service level agreements) stack up against our current capabilities?
– How does my current IT staff fit into the plan?
– How will the cloud change our workflow and other operations?
– How do we communicate and implement the cloud plan?

Schedule a Cloud Readiness Assessment Today

3V engineers are readyto architect, deploy, and manage your most critical workloads to the Cloud. Email info@3VSolutions.com or Contact Us to learn how your organization can benefit from cloud services and to schedule acloud assessment today.

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