Digital Transformation = Exponential Business Transformation

It’s important to understand that this is not just a shift that happens within the IT department or an ivory tower of innovation. True digital transformation is a way of thinking, a future-focused and agile mindset that is applied to all business activities, processes and decisions; and adopted by all people within the organization. Today’s customers want better service, more value and increased flexibility. By leveraging digital technologies, businesses can become more capable of meeting these expectations.

3V is driving transformation using SAP technologies with S/4Hana at the core! Our award winning transformation assessments (fully endorsed by SAP) provide intelligence to C Suite executives along with IT for properly estimating the effort, impact and benefits of their migration to HANA and S/4HANA. We recommend this as a “must have” first step to transformation!


All the latest technologies and services in one intelligent system

SAP Leonardo integrates new technologies on the SAP Cloud Platform, and offers design thinking services and expertise to help fast-track your digital transformation. Use the system to rapidly adopt new business models and capabilities – and add future technologies as they emerge.

SAP Cloud Platform

Innovate quickly on this open, in-memory cloud platform – which serves as the foundation for all SAP Leonardo technologies.

Internet of Things

Use IoT technology to connect things with people and processes, and take advantage of the Industrial IoT and Internet of Everything (IoE).

Machine Learning

Embed easy-to-consume machine learning capabilities into your business – and take advantage of AI-based insights.


Deploy analytics across your business to uncover better insights – and develop new processes and apps based on intelligence.

Big Data

Connect to, process, manage, and store a wider range of data than ever before – from any source, structured or unstructured.

Design Thinking

Get expert help with design thinking services such as solution ideation, rapid prototyping, and business case development.


Embed blockchain services into your applications to speed up transactions and increase trust, visibility, and security.

Data Intelligence

Monetize your data and create new revenue streams by offering Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).