Cybersecurity is a top priority for most businesses today. There are many solutions that protect company systems via firewalls, encryption and multi-factor authentications. Regardless of the security wrapped around a system, it’s the sensitive data and digitally unstructured data which 3V works diligently to protect. 3V is cognizant that data becomes potentially more vulnerable during transformative migrations. 3V provides a masking solution (U-Mask) for both structured and unstructured data that is unparalleled in the industry. The diagram below illustrates how both sets of data are protected. 3V’s masking for unstructured data is unique in that it does not scramble data but replaces actual sensitive data with artificial real looking data that keeps referential integrity for full testing purposes. POC’s are available for structured and unstructured data (covering approximately 50 different file types).

3V Data Masking