Covid-19 Special Offerings

Supply Chain Management Advisory Group

3V Solutions & SAP Offerings for Helping Businesses Confront and Navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic

3V Solutions is offering to help companies address many of the issues such as sourcing challenges, business travel disruption and managing remote work environments. Access to specific software from SAP can help businesses better manage and adjust to the changes that are happening inside their companies, with their customers and with their supply chains.

3V Solutions offers SAP Digital Supply Chain, SAP Ariba and Qualtrics solutions, that allow companies to easily identify and address potential supply chain disruptions before they occur, to identify alternative sources of supply, and to help move goods efficiently and cost effectively. Available at no cost through SAP, 3V Solutions is ready to provide these offerings:

  • Planning as a service with the SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain solution: Working together with qualified channel partners, SAP will enable scenario planning to evaluate the supply chain impact, supply options and financial implications. Customers will be able to simulate demand shifts and impact of production rate changes to eliminate bottlenecks and build stronger resilience.
  • Qualtrics Supply Continuity Pulse solution: To help buyers gain visibility into the health of their suppliers and proactively analyze the overall risk associated with potential disruptions in their supply chains, SAP combined the procurement and experience management expertise of SAP Ariba and Qualtrics solutions to create Qualtrics Supply Continuity Pulse. With this preconfigured solution, buyers can issue a questionnaire to suppliers and receive results immediately after suppliers respond. This supplier feedback can be used to help identify
  • Potential supply constraints and jeopardized delivery timelines
  • Areas to optimize business continuity and recovery plans
  • Ways to collaborate with and assist suppliers to help them meet demand

Visit the SAP website for more details about the offers and email us at to help customers better manage their supply chains in the face of these unprecedented challenges.