SAP Cloud Solutions


The digital core which interconnects all aspects of the value network in real-time to drive business outcomes. The digital core gives companies the opportunity to re-platform core business processes and bring together business process with analytics in real-time to enable a smarter, faster and simpler enterprise.

This includes connecting every aspect of internal operations, but also integration with SAP Cloud solutions such as SuccessFactors, Concur, Ariba, Hybris and FieldGlass for:

  • Workforce engagement to retain and grow existing talent, attract new talent and preserve enterprise intelligence with a smarter, engaged workforce.
  • Supplier collaboration through business networks to mitigate supply risk, accelerate growth and help ensure global compliance all while maximizing product availability and margins.
  • Outcome-based Omnichannel consumer experiences enabled by the capacity to reach, engage and serve consumers with timely, tailored and relevant information and offers along the entire consumer path to purchase.
  • The Internet of Things and Big Data, combining internal, external, social and sensor data to enable real-time visibility to quantifiable measures of consumer demand and other market dynamics with qualitative measures of consumer sentiment, intent and behavior. This entire value chain, including the core, is digitized and serves as the platform for innovation and business process automation.