Big Data Group Overview

Big Data

3V Solutions (3V) maintains a Big Data consulting and sales group focused on providing services at the highest levels of success.
Given the nascent stage of Big Data, customers need to be educated and guided through the maze of options and solutions available today. We provide end-to-end Big Data solutions right from strategy, blue-printing to production and support. With a rich pool of resources including data scientists, architects and developers, we offer solutions and products to unlock the value of data.

Our Mission:

Architect the most efficient data solutions specifically for each customer’s requirements. We are uniquely focused on Big Data enablement and consulting services with a rare mix of data scientists and technologists that come together with the best available solutions in the market.

Our Services:

1. Big Data Strategy / Advisory Consulting

3V provides a strategy / advisory role to evaluate the need and fit for Big Data implementations. 3V helps optimize the Total Cost of Ownership of technology, infrastructure, and resources by evaluating existing technology assets.

2. Big Data Developer Change Management / Big Data Readiness and Customized Training

Information management in an enterprise involves functional and technical knowledge about the data. Existing resources in the data department are key to keeping the continuity into Big Data. 3V helps “transform” / “migrate” existing resources to Big Data technologies of the client’s choice. 3V can conduct the sessions / boot camps at the client’s site to avoid productivity loss and travel expenses.

3. Data Warehouse – Technology Migration

3V recognizes that enterprises can save on the total cost of operations with a database. One way is in assisting customers in evaluating and acquiring the optimal solution licenses. We migrate existing databases behind Data Warehouses and non-transactional databases to more advanced processing platforms like HANA. We help customers seamlessly map schemas, native language types to evolve into flexible data models. We empower the new systems to have more features than traditional RDBMS like dynamic queries, rich updates, better sorting, multiple indexes, and better aggregations etc. 3V helps to improve the present speed of the database systems by clustering and we can show the advantages of this approach in terms of scaling without any downtime, and without the need of specialized hardware.

4. SAP HANA, Vora and Hadoop integrations

We have extensive knowledge and capabilities to integrate SAP HANA and Hadoop using Smart Data Access and SAP Vora to enable fast responsive information systems. This is very useful in building cost effective solutions for data archiving, data warehousing with large multiple data sources ( structured and unstructured), and in predictive analytics bridging various sets of data in an enterprise.

5. Big Data Implementations

Based on company requirements, our teams can implement any of the leading NoSQL big data systems and the associated systems necessary to extract and analyze the data. 
Some adopters have found it valuable to begin their technology involvement with a Big Data Proof of Concept Project.  These typically have a narrow or even single business focus and are structured to both show benefit and to reveal the business and technology challenges that will be experienced in a full scale implementation. Hence we can help our customers in both:

    • Full Big Data Technology Implementations and
    • Proof of Concept (POC) Projects

6. Big Data Predictive Analytics

Companies with significant data warehouses or Big Data stores may now need to explore how to achieve an even greater value with better analytics.
3V offers a series of orientation, readiness, and planning services focusing just on Predictive Analytics. This includes:

    • Predictive Analytics Project Orientations 
    • Readiness Assessment and Planning 
    • Predictive Analytics Implementation
    • Predictive Analytics as a Service 

7. Big Data Resources:

3V Solutions maintains an extensive base of consultants that can fill the gaps in company teams. We can deliver these resources quickly, at very competitive rates, and offer a satisfaction guaranty. Talented Big Data analysts, engineers, scientists, designers, and developers are in short supply of which we provide the following:

    • Data Visualizers
    • Principal Engineer, Big Data
    • QA Engineer - Big Data /li>
    • R&D Manager - Big Data Analytics Infrastructure
    • Research Scientist - Predictive Analytics
    • Software Engineer
    • Sr. Big Data Development Engineer
    • Sr. Big Data Solution Engineer
    • Sr. Big Data Solution Engineer
    • Sr. Software Engineer, Data Engineering
    • Statistical Programmer Analyst
    • Systems Engineer
    • Technical Lead - Big Data

    • Analytics Engineer
    • Application Operations Architect 
    • Big Data / Data Warehouse Engineer /li>
    • Big Data Analyst
    • Big Data Architect 
    • Data Engineer – Analytics 
    • Data engineer/operators 
    • Data Integrity Specialist 
    • Data Mining Scientist 
    • Data scientists 
    • Data virtualization/cloud specialists 
    • Data Visualization Engineer - Big Data Analytics