EST = The Enterprise Support Trust

In the areas of SAP maintenance and support, 3V launched an innovative program called the Enterprise Support Trust (EST). As companies try to evaluate what, when, where and how to transform their business, they still must continue to maintain their current systems until ready to migrate, which may be months to years. The question becomes how much to spend today for enhancements and innovations on legacy technologies vs. investing in digitally transformative technologies for a greater business impact.

At its core, EST minimizes the customer’s maintenance/support costs which enables a better use of funds for supporting current systems and saving for future technology investments. The EST level of maintenance is certified with SAP on the backend, so it’s not like Rimini Street where maintenance is direct with a third-party provider.

EST allows the customer to better prepare for a migration to HANA and S/4 HANA while considering all options. The program offers the best automated assessments (endorsed by SAP) that analyzes the current “As-Is” system vs. what the future digital transformation process will include. See Transformation.

EST = The Enterprise Support Trust

EST is a multi-level plan beginning with Level 1 for cost savings on current SAP maintenance, through Level 5 which provides proactive advisory services for business and digital transformation. EST provides the customer with significant savings and several plans to choose from on how to reinvest those funds. As an example, if a customer pays $X on maintenance today, they may only pay 65 to 70% of that through EST. The savings are securely managed using blockchain technologies and redirected into whatever the customer needs for the future. EST provides the ROI for a successful digital and business transformation! Financing for IT projects is available if the EST funds are not sufficient to cover future purchasing requirements.

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